MImi + MUshky

As sisters-in-law that bonded over their love for easy, on-trend dressing, Mimi and Mushky often sighed at the lack of modest-yet-fashionable options in the shoppasphere. But instead of bemoaning the trials and tribulations of shopping with modest sensibilities in mind, they took matters into their own hands and set out to create the ultimate peices they so needed for their wardrobe. With Mimi's love for prints and oversized styles combining perfectly with Mushky's eye for menswear and classics, the Mi and Mu of Mimu are not only designing peices that they want to wear,  they're also letting everybody in on the fun by letting their "com-MIMU-nity" of  women help vote on designs.


From Brooklyn to Sweden to Hong Kong, "Mimu Maidens" cannot get enough of Mimi and Mushky's signature-cut MaxiThe Mimu Skirt Leggings—Mimi and Mushky's original design modeled after the comfort and neutrality of leggings—is available in an array of colors and prints that alternate with the seasons. And most importantly, it's changing the way women feel about wearing skirts.


Mimi and Mushky are proud to design and oversee production for MIMU MAXI right in their hometown of New York City, where the confident and lively energy is the perfect setting for their ambitious spirit. With the launch of their dress line, MIMU MAXI is shaping up to be the ultimate no-nonsense, canvas wear for the modest femme. Refusing to sacrifice on neither tradition nor style, these "Women to Watch" are combining spirituality and sartorialism in a way we all want to wear it. 

Rendering by happy customer Laura Kay (www.diarysketches.com)

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