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      We're looking for a brand-aligned SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER with experience in marketing, communication and social media platforms.

      As Social Media Manager you will be responsible for growing our community and customer base via social media, brainstorming and implementing campaigns for community growth and engagement, and managing and updating all avenues of social media including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and WhatsApp. 

      Your role is to:

      • Manage and grow all MIMU Social Media outlets 
      • Work with influencers to promote MIMU MAXI products (and engage them as members of our dear community!)
      • Monitor and gather important social media data, both in numbers and customer engagement 
      • Develop relevant content topics to reach the company's target customers
      • Respond to customer communications via social media channels 
      • Create posts/stories for Instagram around launches and to show off MIMU products 
      • Execute and monitor social media paid promotions and advertisements 
      • Execute engaging social media giveaways 
      • Find new ways for Mimi and Mushky to engage and share using Social Media, based on the desires of our community 
      • Work with other members of Team Mimu to promote items before launch (styling, videoing, iPhone photography)
      • Create campaigns for items, as well as important engaging conversations relevant to our lifestyle brand 
      • Find unique ways to maintain the fun, transparent voice and community aspect of our growing brand 
      • Using your creativity and innovation to help advance our shared goal of growing MIMU MAXI 

      Required for this position:

      • Experience helping companies/brand grow their Social Media presence
      • Excellent writing and communication skills
      • Highly skilled ability to write with attention to tone and expression 
      • Knowledge of all Social Media channels, with ability to learn new ones
      • Knowledge of the MIMU MAXI products and customer base 
      • Enthusiasm for the MIMU brand
      • Patience and attention to detail (we had to say that)
      • An understanding of visual branding 
      • The personal drive to maintain, grow and connect with a happy customer base 

      Want to join TEAM MIMU? Apply below! 



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