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 We're looking for a brand-aligned, talented Customer Service representative with experience in making customers happy! As a member of our Customer Service team, you will be responsible for responding to customer requests, troubleshooting/resolving issues, and working with our inventory back-end, returns-portal and TEAM MIMU to make sure our customers are happier than clams (think: happy clams...wearing MIMU!).

Your role:

  • To represent MIMU MAXI and uphold the spirit of our brand through personal interactions with our beloved customers
  • Responding to all inbound customer e-mails 
  • Publishing and respond to reviews 
  • Helping customers: advice on sizing, making updates to their order details, using their loyalty points, and so on. 
  • Assisting in processing and communicating with customers about returns 
  • Enthusiastically responding to positive feedback (and heartwarming e-mails!)
  • Updating website backend when a customer circumstance results in a backend change, or change to inventory 
  • Adapting and learning new Customer Service programs as company grows 
  • Applying consistent logic and protocol to MIMU MAXI customer base
  • Work together with shipping and inventory to communicate issues and problem solve 
  • Using your creativity and innovation to help advance our shared goal of growing MIMU MAXI 

Required for this position:

  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Highly skilled ability to write with attention to tone and expression 
  • Fast typing speed
  • Knowledge of the MIMU MAXI products
  • Ability to speak in positive language
  • Patience and attention to detail (we had to say that)
  • Ability to multi-task: problem solve many issues at once
  • Confidence with making impactful customer service decisions independently 
  • The personal drive to find resolutions and maintain a happy customer base 

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